Monday, May 23, 2011

Miracles in Elder Rogers Neighborhood!

Awesome news..... about Transfers....
Elder Rogers will remain in the Deep Creek Ward area for another 6 weeks.  He is getting a new companion though.  The AP's  via President Perry told Elder Rogers his new companion would need some extra TLC. (those are my words not the MP's).  Although Elder Rogers was a little disappointed saying 
Come what may, All is well" i guess that i will have to sing that hymn a time or 2.  
♪♫ He would accept his new companion♪♫ with a ♪♫ song in his heart♪♫  
He was a great example and was to help teach this new companion by his 
"hard work ethic and determination".  

Well that was last week.. this week its a different story:

Per Elder Rogers: "the Elder that was having a hard time, went home"  
Oh so sad but maybe for the best? My heart sinks each time I hear about a story like that.  I can only imagine the hardships for that Elder as he returns home.  Our prayers go out to him and his family! 
So on to better news

So now my new comp is Elder Tollstrup. He is the man. He has been out for a little under 2 months. He is a bank of scriptural knowledge and is a good guy too. He can plat the Guitar really well and he is 5' 7" a little different than 6'9" haha! 
YEAH SO Happy for Elder Rogers to get another great comp.  It makes missionary life so much easier!

Now that is good news.... but prepare for some even better news!
So 2 of our investigators are miracle finds. So some Elders in another area just randomly through Pass-along cards on the ground while they are walking. Thinking that someone might pick one up. So They did. But it rained that day so they only dropped 1. Well this guy was walking down the street and just happened to walk by the right place. Just at the right time. Just before it rained. and saw Jesus looking up at him from the ground. So he picked up the card. (he lives a long ways away) Well the guy lives in our area and gave the # a call and ordered a DVD so we went by and started to teach him and now "James" has a baptismal date!!!! Can you believe how much help the lord gave him!!!!The right time, right place, before the rain, and the card got dropped at the perfect place too!

Another person Is on the search to find God and Christ. And he really wants to find out for his self. So he started to look and the Internet. popped up on the search 2 times. He didn't click on the link the first time but the 2nd time he did. He read a bunch on the sight and then ordered a Book of Mormon, but the info he typed on the online request form said " Can not be completed as written." So he tried again and it said the same thing. So he gave up and prayed and said " God if i am supposta get a a Book of Mormon please help me get one." Then he went to bed. The next morning at 5:00 AM (5 hours after he tried to order it) We got a text message from Salt Lake telling us someone ordered a Book of Mormon! Heavenly Father helped the request go through! Even Crazier. We felt like we needed to change our plans and visit him first thing in the morning so we did.... It was the only time he was going to be home for 3 days! And the Craziest part...... HE HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!

Modern day miracles.  I am so glad that Koltn is getting to experience them and share them with his family friends and loved ones.  The Lord does work in mysterious ways.  And prayers- (especially missionary prayers) are answered! These are the rewards of a missionary who devotes his life to the service of the Lord!  
Congrats to Elder Rogers and Elder Tollstrup!

Caption by Elder Rogers:  RAINING LIKE ALWAYS!
Such is the life of a missionary!
Look at the picture tab above to see more pictures.

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  1. I love reading about their experiences some so much more of a struggle than others.....he sounds like he is doing great and marvelous things.....I know Koltn did his very best with the Elder who needed TLC....I watched him so often cheering on the sidelines for EVERYONE and I know he gave it his ALL cheering him on...he will be blessed for his valiant efforts!!! Great blog!


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