Monday, May 23, 2011

Miracles in Elder Rogers Neighborhood!

Awesome news..... about Transfers....
Elder Rogers will remain in the Deep Creek Ward area for another 6 weeks.  He is getting a new companion though.  The AP's  via President Perry told Elder Rogers his new companion would need some extra TLC. (those are my words not the MP's).  Although Elder Rogers was a little disappointed saying 
Come what may, All is well" i guess that i will have to sing that hymn a time or 2.  
♪♫ He would accept his new companion♪♫ with a ♪♫ song in his heart♪♫  
He was a great example and was to help teach this new companion by his 
"hard work ethic and determination".  

Well that was last week.. this week its a different story:

Per Elder Rogers: "the Elder that was having a hard time, went home"  
Oh so sad but maybe for the best? My heart sinks each time I hear about a story like that.  I can only imagine the hardships for that Elder as he returns home.  Our prayers go out to him and his family! 
So on to better news

So now my new comp is Elder Tollstrup. He is the man. He has been out for a little under 2 months. He is a bank of scriptural knowledge and is a good guy too. He can plat the Guitar really well and he is 5' 7" a little different than 6'9" haha! 
YEAH SO Happy for Elder Rogers to get another great comp.  It makes missionary life so much easier!

Now that is good news.... but prepare for some even better news!
So 2 of our investigators are miracle finds. So some Elders in another area just randomly through Pass-along cards on the ground while they are walking. Thinking that someone might pick one up. So They did. But it rained that day so they only dropped 1. Well this guy was walking down the street and just happened to walk by the right place. Just at the right time. Just before it rained. and saw Jesus looking up at him from the ground. So he picked up the card. (he lives a long ways away) Well the guy lives in our area and gave the # a call and ordered a DVD so we went by and started to teach him and now "James" has a baptismal date!!!! Can you believe how much help the lord gave him!!!!The right time, right place, before the rain, and the card got dropped at the perfect place too!

Another person Is on the search to find God and Christ. And he really wants to find out for his self. So he started to look and the Internet. popped up on the search 2 times. He didn't click on the link the first time but the 2nd time he did. He read a bunch on the sight and then ordered a Book of Mormon, but the info he typed on the online request form said " Can not be completed as written." So he tried again and it said the same thing. So he gave up and prayed and said " God if i am supposta get a a Book of Mormon please help me get one." Then he went to bed. The next morning at 5:00 AM (5 hours after he tried to order it) We got a text message from Salt Lake telling us someone ordered a Book of Mormon! Heavenly Father helped the request go through! Even Crazier. We felt like we needed to change our plans and visit him first thing in the morning so we did.... It was the only time he was going to be home for 3 days! And the Craziest part...... HE HAS A BAPTISMAL DATE!!!!

Modern day miracles.  I am so glad that Koltn is getting to experience them and share them with his family friends and loved ones.  The Lord does work in mysterious ways.  And prayers- (especially missionary prayers) are answered! These are the rewards of a missionary who devotes his life to the service of the Lord!  
Congrats to Elder Rogers and Elder Tollstrup!

Caption by Elder Rogers:  RAINING LIKE ALWAYS!
Such is the life of a missionary!
Look at the picture tab above to see more pictures.

Monday, May 16, 2011


We all know that missionaries are poor!  Well less than poor.... little $$ for anything extra.
But one CERTAIN MISSIONARY used his imagination
and sent his mother a mothers day card to remember forever.
Imagine this:  as that CERTAIN MISSIONARY rode his bicycle around, 
he snapped shots of ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!
Flowers, flowers, and more flowers.
then he bundled them up into an envelope added a caption to one of them.....
I just sat and enjoyed the beauty.  
Such a wonderful thing..... 
This is my favorite. 
♪♫there is ♪♫ beauty♪♫ all around♪♫ (In VA)
Organized a little bit so you can see the "Happy Mothers Day" card!
Thanks Elder Rogers for making my day beautiful!


Everyone was here.  Sitting anxiously by the phone waiting for it to ring.
I ran outside to check on the g'kiddo's for a second, and RING RING RING.....
NO ONE ANSWERED! what???? no one answered!!!!!
I frantically ran from the backyard, into the house.... 
(can you picture it? running over toys and people to get to the phone! 
...then softly I began to sniffle and get choked up)  
only to find out... it was a joke played by my oldest son.....
used his cell phone just to see me squirm.
Now I call that cruel and unusual punishment!!!!!

So more waiting....... and then it really RANG and this time I was sitting right beside the phone!
"Hello, this is Elder Rogers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we would love to talk to you about ......"
Tears flowed...... I was speechless for about 5 seconds.....  
Friends family and loved ones gathered all around the speaker phone....
Just the sound of his voice was enough to make us all a little teary eyed.
Everyone took their turns and chatted for a few minutes.
He is good, he is happy, he is healthy, and he loves his mission.  Lots of this and that.  
Mostly just good to hear his voice (sounding like a missionary) and know he is okay.
45 minutes later.....  time to go.  
He bore his testimony which left us all in tears and a little speechless.  
After a beautiful call, its a little sad to know 
that it will be another 6 mos before we get to hear that sweet voice again.
We miss you Elder Rogers!

Monday, May 2, 2011

5/2/11 Keep'n it skraight on the skreets of Mr. Rogers hood!

Hello!  Things are Skraight (no thats not a typo- its the native slang of VA!) out here in Mr. Rogers hood. I'm starting to get a tan. So we don't have any info on the phone call home i asked all the leaders that i could and they all said they would get back to me.... Well non of them did. I will ask today when we play B-Ball and i will let you know somehow.  Nothing new, just your average mundane missionary work--haha j/k!  Just trying my best, to do the best i can. A lot of riding though. From 15 to 20 miles a day! Tell Klete he might have walked a lot but when it comes to riding.... we do plenty!
 I wish you could see the cute little icons he puts in his email.... 
sorry they won't transfer to the blog : (
Speaking of weather.... Wow it has been Bonkers! The storms down here in south are CRAZY!!!!!They have killed a bunch of people from Alabama to Virginia! It didn't hit as bad here but still tore some stuff up. We had to stay inside on Thurs. We Got a call from everyone telling us that we need to stay inside. and the rain was amazing..... I didn't know it could rain that hard! All the bad stuff has passed and from Fri until Today it was amazing outside. No humidity and cool temps. I felt like it was back home for a little.

I want to see Hudson as well. I hope he and his mommy are both doing ok. I can't believe they still remember me! i would have thought they would have forgot by now! Man i thought Klete could keep it together while i was gone. I didn't think i was gunna have to slap him around from across the country! hahah Hope all the Animals are doing good. I sure do miss being out doors! Oh and the Ranch. 

We're going to have to go when i get back.... i guess that's a ways off but still  I hope work is going good for the family.  I hope work is going well for Dad as well.that has been in my prayers.
I hope the missionary news letter goes good. I loved hearing about all the guys. I guess one of my friends is getting married! wow. I feel old!  That's it. I love you all. I am safe and sound. No worries I am a Rogers.... that means i am invincible! (knock knock knock on wood)  But for real, I love you all and cant wait to talk to you. I will make sure i get you the info about the call.
   Keep'n it skraight on the skreets of Mr. Rogers hood!


Hello Everyone!  Easter was good! nothing out of the ordinary.... Well i guess it was. Elder Herron can sing so we sang in the ward choir. The whole sacrament meeting was singing. only a 5 min talk at the beginning!
Now for those of you who don't know Koltn well, he DOESN'T sing..... 
so this was truly a magical moment!

So everything is good. I am the senior Comp in this companionship so things are more stressful BUT i get to do things a little more like i want to do them. And i don't mean to brag but we are starting to build things up in the area. We are getting more accomplished and teaching more lessons!
 "Things are awesome out here in good ol' VA! I am loving the work and we sure are working. I miss everyone back in the home ward and they have been in my prayers! Members make a missionaries life a lot easier so go out and help those Full-Time Missionaries. I want to thank all of you that helped me get out here and have supported me throughout my life! It is finally starting to warm up out here(it is a little Humid, not like it is in beautiful Mesa, AZ) and nature is in bloom. As is the missionary work! Thanks for your prayers and everything else. That's all from the other side of the country."
We don't get to skype but a phone call will be good enough don't you think? I don't know times yet but i will next week and i will let you know. Had some good lessons and things are progressing. I am doing good. Healthy and back to being hot! AND HUMID!!!! The AC broke in our apartment so it is 84 degrees and 40% humidity. Lets just say we borrowed some fans  One the families i have grown to love are getting ready to move.(THAT MUST BE HARD!) It is sad but as missionary work goes, "We will press on in the work of the lord."  I am so tired lately. Been working my but off.... Well i take that back, I have been working my but on Getting toned hahahaha.
Thank you everyone! I love you all! and miss you a lot! No new struggles or big success. Well we did set 2 people for baptism so that's AWESOME! I am trying my best to get more accomplished. Scripture of the week: 

Helaman 5:12 (The Rock Our Redeemer) It made me think of this Easter season!
12And now, my sons, remember, remember that it is upon thearock of our Redeemer, who is Christ, the Son of God, that ye must build your bfoundation; that when the devil shall send forth his mighty winds, yea, his shafts in the whirlwind, yea, when all his hail and his mighty cstorm shall beat upon you, it shall have no power over you to drag you down to the gulf of misery and endless wo, because of the rock upon which ye are built, which is a sure foundation, a foundation whereon if men build they cannot fall.

I Miss y'all and hope things are going good!  How is work going for everyone and what do you have going new. Can't believe Dan is All done! That's good news! Is that missionary news letter still going around between the friends? How's Bam? I Love you all!

P.S.  I Will Always live in AZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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