Monday, December 19, 2011


Words that will make any mother cry.....
i will "TALK" to you all soon.
I will be calling from the Schlosser's home @ 5:00P.M. VA time. I am not sure what time that is for you but it will be 5 here.    I sure do miss y'all I hope everything is going good. Tell everyone i say hello and i will "TALK" to you all soon

MERRY CHRISTMAS   Hope all of you have a good Christmas  Love you... Mom, Dad, Kisha, Dan, Lincoln, Owen, Klete, Tatum, Wyatt, Hudson, Kelsey, Beau, Acey, Gunner, Grandma,Grandpa and everyone else!!!!!!  Elder Rogers

♪♫ and the countdown ♪♫ ticker is getting smaller ♪♫  
♪♫ Under 365 days!!!♪♫

Monday, December 12, 2011


A Mom's reaction:  Okay okay, I let my imagination get the better of me with this picture!  (I HOPE!!) 
Excerpts from Elder Rogers letter:
Well i will be here in Great Bridge for another 6 weeks.
                Elder Parry is leaving to go up to Buckingham (country) and Elder Winward is going to an old area he was already in called Oak Grove (City/Ghetto) they leave on Thursday. So i will get my new companion then. His name is Elder Dransfield. This will be his first time being a zone leader. That means I will have to show him the ropes..... but i am still learning... Guess it's out of the pan and into the fire. So now there will only be 2 of us. He is an amazing missionary from what i hear. I have never met him but everyone i talk to said he is THE BEST. So i am a little nervous to see how it all work out. Maybe he will be teaching me what to do! 
                So this week there was a Sister in the ward who's husband in under way (deployed in the Navy) She asked if anyone knew anything about plumbing.... I said. i know a little but not much. Well lets just say I was "neck deep" in some fun. First of all you should know that no one on the east coast has there house on the ground. They ALL have a crawl space under their house to prevent flooding. I used my small knowledge about my "Fathers Trade" and went to go help. Her sink was backed up. So we tried to unclog it. I tried all i could to do it from inside but to no avail... So i knew there had to be a clean out right outside..... Nope there is a crawl space. That means it is under the house. Let me remind everyone it is around the 50's for the high and it has been raining (got the picture?)
                So i embark into the abyss... Not knowing what i will encounter. The opening (or mouth of the cave) was only 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide. I got down on my hands and knees and dove in head first. It was WET and FREEZING. I opened the clean out and used my trusty sword (i mean snake). After I snaked it I looked to the ground next to me and saw tracks....It was a Dragon! (Or maybe a raccoon.) oh and the spiders (they must have been at least 4 feet in diameter).... I crawled the 10 miles (or 30 feet or so) back to the mouth of the cave with spiders and dragons on my tail. I made it out alive and victorious. (I hope) Covered in mud.  It maybe there will be a children's book about it one day.
                I am glad i know how to do stuff that matters. Like how to sew a button or frame and build a wall or cook or fix a clogged sink. You know the things you need to know to survive. There are so many people (Esp. Missionaries) that don't know how to do any of that. I just wanted to thank all of you for teaching me he things that matter. And The gospel!!!! i am glad to know i could make it on my own where a lot of missionaries wouldn't stand a chance. So thank you family. Esp you mom and dad.
                That's all for now. Haven't received the packages yet. Can you believe that Christmas soon approaches. We will figure out the call thing and let you know. Oh -- and our door is one of the only in the whole complex that has Christmas decorations. (Thanks Mom!)(I will have to take a picture of our tree. It is soooooo cool. your going to love it!
Thanks!   Love and miss y'all!   

Monday, December 5, 2011

12/6/11 Flashback for this missionary!

 He will have been gone one year.  
Then another 10 days & we get to hear his sweet voice!

Back in the day.... Elder Rogers and his older brother Klete were banner carriers for my dance studio called "STARS".  
Well.... I was having "STARS" flashbacks on Saturday night... Our Ward entered a float in a Christmas parade! Oh man. It was fun we had a Nativity seen on the float and the youth were Angels and Shepherd that walked beside. We handed out Candy Canes with a little church logo and a nativity on it. We walked beside and handed out candy canes too. It was fun. We shared a little pep-talk before we started. We told them about how they represent the church and how their actions can make a big impact. It made me think of the Christmas parade that we did every year. It turned out really good and we are hoping it makes an impact on the area. At least we hope it made people realise that "Mormons" believe in Jesus Christ. That is something we really have a problem with out here. You wouldn't believe the stuff people believe about us. So now we just sit and wait to see if we get any leads from it. Oh and Elder Winward was on TV!

 I hope Everyone is Enjoying the Holiday season. 
Make sure to take a second to take a step back and breath for a min. 
Don't get too caught up in all the mumbo-jumbo. 
Have fun and be a family and remember Christ. 
That is what it is all about!

Well Said Elder Rogers~We and miss you.
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