Mission Pictures

Happy Thanksgiving pictures from our Missionary 
The dates range from June 2011 to Sept 2011.
For privacy sake Koltn asked me not to identify the people in the pics.  I will use first names only.

A favorite WARD member!  April 2011 Deep Creek
Deep Creek April 2011
Virginia Bugs!   Newport News
look close its on the window!
Fun times with Lewis Rachel Aiden Kylie Newport News
Somewhere in the swamp-lands of Newport News

One of the many Baptisms August 2011 Elder Tollstrup Deep Creek
Elizabeth and Salivatory- Tanzanean Neighbor from downstairs- Newport News June 2011

Koltn labeled this picture as Grandpa, Dad, and Son.  It means Grandpa trained Dad who trained Son.
Elder Logan, Elder Rogers, and Elder Swanson.

Bro James- Great Friends! July 2011-Newport News
Kenneth, Jewel, Rachel Friends in Newport News July 2011
Boyz (and girls) from da (Newport News) Hood!
Elder Pickup @ Tanners House Newport New
Elders Logan, Rogers, & Swanson- being cool like they are.....
Newport News
 Elder Rogers, Rickson (AP) Swanson Newport News
 Elder Road- Newport News
 E. Rogers and Zobrist (Spanish speaking) Newport News
Birthday Ice Cream Cake delivered by the Tanners for E. Rogers Happy 20th Birthday Newport News
 ITS HOT!  E. Rogers & Swanson Newport News
 Say whaaaa?  E  Rogers &Swanson Newport News
 um... ya... this is a bug crawling across his table Newport News 
 E Rogers & Swanson, ONWARD @ Tanners House Newport News
More Virginia Bugs! 
Sister from Deep Creek 

My son the artist!  He is actually a very good one, 
but he says all he has time for is a little stick figure....
Gotta love the stick figures!!


5/16/11 Happy Mothers Day pictures!
 I'm guessing Chef Logan and Chef Rogers
 Elder Logan, Elder Rogers, and the Spanish Speaking Sister Missionaries
 Pollen that has dusted the windshield during the night.
 Elder Rogers gets a new bike
 Missionary work can't be all work.... 
 The beautiful Goldade family that is good to our Missionairs!!
Mosquite Virginia Style!

4 /17 / 2011

Nerd glasses 

 First Baptisms

Arriving in Virginia Richmond Mission
 Pres and Sister Perry

Leaving the MTC

 Doesn't this picture look like a professional took it?


Elder Rogers- the photographer!

Arrival at the SLC Airport 12/15/2010

 Joseph Smith Building
 Restoration of the Priesthood Statue
 SLC Temple
Koltn' Missionary Picture 12/1/2010

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