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10/2/11   I am with Elder Parry and Elder Winward they are SOOOOO awesome. Elder Parry has been out for 4 months and elder Winward has been out for 18 and a half months. Both of them are huge! i look like a midget walking with them. And both of them are so funny. I have been laughing my guts out from the time i got here. So me and Elder Winward are the Zone Leaders. It is not a whole lot different. I do the same things I did before as a district leader except on a bigger scale.

9/17/11     Any who, So we answer the phone... And the voice on the other line said Hello this is Pres Perry... and it actually was! So he told Elder Swanson that he is staying here and told him to give the phone to me... Long story short President said I am going to be a Zone Leader in Chesapeake! AHHHHHHH!!!! that's CRAZY! I couldn't believe it. I am Excited and really nervous. It;s a lot of work but i am so stoked to do it. So all i know is that i will be moving down there on Thursday so that will be a new address. I don't quite know it yet but i will let you know next week. I will let you know the whole scoop next Monday.

7/4/11  Elder Swanson-From Utah, ( the Factory)He played football and is a lot like me.  It is cool having a comp that has the same interests.  

6/28/11 New companion unknown who at this time.New area, Newport News, just north of where he was.
Koltn was made a DL and is a trainer.

5/16-22/2011  Elder Rogers was not tranferred to a new area, but was to get a new companion Elder Hickmen.  Unfortunately Elder Hickmen went home the night before transfers.  Instead- He now has a new comp Elder Tollstrup.  Unknown where he is from, but he's been out 2 mos (a greenie still) is a "bank of scriptural knowledge and is a good guy.  He can play the Guitar really well and is 5'7" tall.   

4/11/2011  Change in plans.  Koltn gets a new companion due to an emergency transfer but stays in the same area. Elder Rogers says:  My new companion's name is Elder Herron (hair-in) he is as green as a spring willow branch. So i am "Step-Training" him. (that means this is his second transfer) He is..... a sweet kid and really wants to be a missionary. He is from "The Factory" can you guess where that is??? It means Utah the members say that Utah produced missionaries so the named it the factory!

4/4/2011.  Transfers came and went, no changes in Koltn's companion or area.

3/22/2011 Elder Buse (Beus)  Still not quite sure which spelling is correct. 
Description from Elder Rogers:  So my new Comp is Elder Beus.... he is 6 foot 8...... ye that's right 6 foot 8!!!! it is crazy. i feel like a midget. but he is super cool. we get along great and getting better at teaching together. He likes the same football teams as me, and has a lot of the same interests. He is from Boise Idaho (well close by there in a town called Kuna) He grew up on a farm and raises dairy cows. He was a basketball player....well of course he was. He has a photographic memory!

 1/15/2011 Chesapeake-Virginia  
Companion Elder Ryan Logan -- Enoch Utah (Cedar City)
The little red "A" dot indicates where Koltn's new apartment is located.Located south of where he is there is a Great Dismal Swamp National Water Refuge.  
I am not sure how large his boundaries are, hopefully he'll let us know.
Here is a closer view
As you can see, he is surrounded by little river fingers and is right off Chesapeake Bay.  There is a Naval "reservation" just north of him on the water. Its amazing to look at the docks on the right side of the bay.Can you smell the water and the fish--I've heard lots about how wonderful the sea food is in this area.
 Koltn is in the Deep Creek Ward.  It is just a few miles away (not too bad for a bike mission)
Just another view of how close to the fingers of Chesapeake Bay.
12/2010  These are pictures of the Provo Utah MTC
Elder Peterson is his MTC Companion. Koltn is a DL.

Picture of the Provo Temple 

This is a picture of the Richmond Virginia Mission home taken from the Mission site here
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