Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The everyday life of an AP!

Hello Family!
Transfer Week... That means CRAZY WEEK! A lot to do in a little time. we are a little behind schedule this time too. We have been getting the whole office working together. Things were getting lost from one branch of the office to another. So we worked really hard and have been up really late getting everything running "Real Nice"  The office staff is amazing. They work so hard to get stuff done and make things happen. Without them the mission would implode!
   Tonight. We have to send out report to Salt Lake and get all the Travel Plans made and emailed out to all the zone leaders so they can make sure all the missionaries make it to transfers. Also i have to email y'all and say hello (:
   TUES: The departing missionaries (18 of them) are taking off tomorrow as well as 4 missionaries that have been waiting for their visa's. The Visa waiters are all packed up and ready to go so they can ship out to Bulgaria! We gotta go buy lunch and have everything set up at the mission home so things move like clockwork. We will be running back and forth to get them all to the flights at the right times. Weigh baggage, check bags, pass out tickets, and take pictures. We will  have a departing missionary testimony meeting before they take off.
   WED: New trainers come to the office to learn the ropes and we will train them on how to be Trainers. (We call it the "Train the Trainers Meeting" go figure) That's first thing in the morning then we will set everything up so we will be ready for the new missionaries coming in. We pick them up at 5 or so and spend the rest of the night with them at the mission home. We give them a "Geography Lesson" of the mission and describe all the areas. Then after dinner and interviews with Pres. Perry we will send them to be and then rush off to the mission office to assign them a trainer. LATE NIGHT!
   THURS: wake up EARLY and set up the nearby chapel for the "Transfer Meeting" Have things set up and ready to go. Have a meeting with the New missionaries by ourselves while Pres. talks to the trainers again. Actual meeting starts and missionaries meet their trainers and find out where they are serving. Meeting ends and All the luggage is packed and truck is loaded for us to hit the road loaded down with bags, bikes, and missionaries. Take off by 11:00 (if we don't start by then the whole day is off and everyone gets messed up) drive down to Newport News for the first stop dump off the ones that need to be and pick up a few more. Then we are off again. Down to VA Beach for the second stop. Repeat the same process. Then it is back up to Newport News for the third stop. Repeat the loading and unloading. Then off to beat the traffic in the tunnel and rush back to Richmond for our final stop. Unload everyone and unhook the trailer. Eat lunch somewhere along the way. (this little paragraph doesn't give the day justice) 
   Those are the most important days of the week. Then we have to Cram all our normal stuff into the remaining days.
   Wow can't believe it. I loved that reunion. Sounds like it was a blast. It is good to see the family having fun. How was the overall reunion? To be honest i don't remember Samantha  Spilsbury that well. If i saw a picture it would help. I sure do miss getting together with all the Family.
   The Humidity Hit.... Summer is gearing up and things are hot and wet. Glad i have a nice truck. I am super spoiled this summer.... But then again getting the truck means getting to move all kinds of stuff and around the mission in the heat.
   We got to have dinner at Bishop's house tonight. It was nice to be able to sit down with him and his family.
   Well hope y'all remember i love you and miss you. 
   Stay cool in all of the summer heat!!!-- 
Be Humble Don't Stumble,         Elder Rogers

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


A few words from the wise since he and Grandma
won't be here for your call on Sunday.

Monday, May 7, 2012


OH that I had been  A FLY ON THE WALL!!

What a week! I cant't believe it. We had Elder Russel M. Nelson of the quorum of the 12 Apostles with us this week. We had all 216+ missionaries in one chapel for the first time in over 2 years. (We usually have 2 mission conferences because it is so hard to get everyone together.) It was so amazing we had: President Perry (Mission President) President Mullins (Richmond Stake Pres) Elder Lancing (Area 70) Elder J.E.Jensen (Pres. of the 70) Elder Russel M. Nelson (Quorum of the 12 apostles) We had almost every position the organization of The Church. We got to here from each one of them! It was AWESOME!!!!!! Elder J.E. Jensen asked me to be his scribe on the white board (glad i have been working on my penmanship)
 Elder Russel M. Nelson
Elder J. E. Jensen
President and Sister Perry

I shook hands with each of them. What an Honor. My companion was the 2nd to last and I was the last to shake hands. And he said, "Thanks for helping with everything." Can I say, to look into the eyes of one of the senior members of the quorum of the 12 had me awestruck. He had us sit front and center so we could run and get stuff for him.

   It is a moment I will never forget. What a blessing to be called as an assistant at this time. At the end he said. "I wouldn't want to leave this great meeting without giving an Apostolic Blessing." Then he pronounced a blessing upon all of us and the Virginia Richmond Mission. WOW... The spirit was so strong. I testify that he is a servant of God and that he and the other Apostles are called by God to hold the Keys to His Kingdom. Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet of God. 

I wish you could have been at the meeting. I know without a doubt that his is God's Church and that his Priesthood has been restored in these latter days. It is a testimony of God's love for us. I can Testify that he does and that Jesus is the Christ.

   Other than that... Everything else is small news but I am good. Happy! ELATED!  God Loves you. And so do I. 
   The Dance Festival looked awesome. I know a few people in the pictures. You did a good Job!

We will be calling from the mission office at 5:00 PM Virginia Time. No Skype. Talk to you soon!!!
  I know Jordan comes home in no time. I was blown away thinking about it too. Can you get me Rosson's Address and email???
Be Humble Don't Stumble,
         Elder Rogers

P.S. Loved the Post Cards. All the AZ Missionaries are jealous.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

4/30/2012 News from the Field

Well to know what preparations we have to make you have to know that our mission has A TON of missionaries. We are in the top 3 largest number of missionaries in the US (according to our fleet manager). Our mission is so big we have to hold 2 different mission conferences. So to get every missionary together for one meeting is a task. It hasn't happened in the mission for a long time. We have just making sure everyone has rides and housing to be able to sleep in the night before the meeting. The other factor is the size geographically of our mission. It takes 3-4 hours to get to Richmond from the bottom of the mission. So just getting some logistical things in place as well spiritually preparing the mission. and on top of the we can't forget the specific are where we are serving.
   Any who we have been going 90 MPH the last few weeks and I love it!!!! Getting things done in the Lords way on the Lords time.
   As for updates.... not much. Loving life, giving trainings, and working hard!!!
"Hello Rogers family! Elder Farr here.. From the family photo I saw it looks like ya'll like to have a rip roarin' good time down there in Arizona! I enjoy hearing all of Elder Rogers stories about you. He misses you guys and is doing lots of great work out here! I'm happy I have the opportunity to be his companion. I hope I never have to play football against him though, he's kind of mean sometimes.. What did you feed him back home? Raw meat? Take care...   -Elder Farr"
   Well not sure what time and where i am calling from but i will update you next week.
Love you and miss you.
Be Humble Don't Stumble, Elder Rogers
P.S. My friends are getting married.... that's weird!
PPS. Did you get a new update for the video of the dance festival?

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