Thursday, January 27, 2011

To reach, to teach....

"To reach, to teach, to touch the precious souls whom our Father has prepared for His message is a monumental task. Success is rarely simple. Generally it is preceded by tears, trials, trust, and testimony."
Thomas S. Monson, Ensign, Sept. 1997

Monday, January 24, 2011


♪♫Monday Monday, ♪♫so good to me,
♪♫Monday Monday, 
it was all I hoped it would be♪♫
I love Monday Mornings!  
It means one great thing..... 
It's missionary email day!
Here are some quotes from Elder Rogers Hood:
Things are good but very cold! the high yesterday was 20F. Super cold i got a little sick but i am doing better now.  "It STINKS riding a bike in the cold but i am keeping warm. We cover up our faces like ninja's so the cold doesn't kill us 
The family's feed us like every other night. sometimes more sometimes less.  Elder Logan and I both looked at each other at the same time and said "OH NO" when we saw that our moms where now friends ;) hahaha
Teaching is good. 3 people set for baptism and our planners are totally full! we are teaching like crazy. Loving the work and cant wait for some success!  

 I Love and miss the Whole family. Tell kelsey i really appreciate her emails even though i cant really write back. I Can feel the love through the screen :)  
That goes for everyone. It is true, MAIL IS GOLD!!!!

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, lean not to thine own understanding in all they ways, acknowledge him and he shall direct thy paths"  Thats my scripture for the week- First one in the family to get it on Sunday gets a point! (no cheating...dont look early) 
Love from Mr. Rogers Hood :) 
miss you all
btw- thank you Kayola for the pic!

Friday, January 21, 2011


For those who have missionaries out, 
if you want to feel connected to you missionary a little bit more, 
you can join an email group called
It is a wonderful group!  You can join the group where your missionary is, or you can join a group where you live so you can contact the mom's of missionaries moms where you live. I have been a part of this group since Klete went on his mission in 2004. Somehow it makes you feel a little more "connected" to your missionary.  Other mom's can help fill in the "gaps" that your missionary leaves out.  In fact, it was a missionary mom who told me Klete was in the hospital in Ecuador- twice!
The reason why I mention this is because.......
Thanks Cherie for the wonderful words about our missionary.  
We think he's 'da bomb too!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Chesapeake Virginia

(Be sure to check out the " Companion & Area" tab above for pictures of his new area)
Just got off the phone with wonderful Sister Henry who I know is the sweetest lady in Virginia!!  Said she she met Koltn, and thinks he is terrific! We chatted for about 15 minutes.  She said to call anytime for any questions.  Of course Koltn would die if I did.  (Shhhh- Maybe it will be our secret) He is partnered with Elder Logan.  She knows Elder Logan well and said  they will be a wonderful team! With their personalities they will awesome.  Koltn is right on Chesapeake Bay brrrr  (I can almost smell the fish - can you?)  He is in the Deep Creek Ward and he is on a bike.  Brrrrrr   She said they had a rain storm which was frozen sleet all night and it is covering everything.  Brrrrr
Here is a pic of his new apartment complex. Of course this in not a current picture or it would probably had snow all over the place.  But.... at least I get a picture of where he is living.  (I ♥ the internet)

Sister Henry says transfers are every 6 weeks and to please send any correspondence directly to him.  It might take up to 2 weeks to get to him from the mission home. ( ZL only get to the mission office every other week and the mission home is so far away-150 miles ). B = mission home A= Koltn's address
 If (I mean when) you write him, 
his new address is
Elder Koltn Rogers 
1306 Shamrock Garden Court
Chesapeake, VA  23323

Monday, January 17, 2011


A confirmation picture of Elder Rogers, 
President and Sister Perry.
he has arrived safely!
(new missionary hair cut and all)
His letter confirms what the other MMoms have been telling me that Pres Perry and Sister Perry are very nice.  In Koltn's words " President and Sis Perry are amazing and so hospitable".  He says, " the temperature is a lot better than in Utah.  I walked outside and didn't even need a suit jacket on."  "The roads here are going to be hard to get used to.  They have weird names and none of them are straight"    He says " I hope everything is going good there cuz it is here! I AM FINALLY HERE!  I don't know much cuz its my first night, in fact I really don't know anything at all, so all the info will come as I get it.  LOVE YOU ALL!  MISS YOU ALL A BUNCH!"
P/S  do you realize I've already been gone for a month! CRAZY"
Really?  Has it been a month?? To him it has gone quickly, 
but to me --back here in AZ -- 
it seems like a year!

 I think Koltn's Pday is now on Mondays- 
but today is MLK Day and all the libraries are closed so no emails. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


And now.... I can't wait for his first Virginian email to hear all about his new comp, his area, 

My Friend Kayola sent me this quote from President Kimball:
President Spencer W. Kimball stated — "Make no small plans: They have no magic to stir man’s souls." This is the vision I have for the South. I believe that one day the South will baptize more people into the church than all other English speaking missions in the world together. There are great hosts of marvelous Baptists, members of the Church of Christ, Methodists, and Catholics who are honorable people, and have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and love him. As they see (their) church veering off to the right or to the left of those basic teachings, they will begin to search for the truth. And as pivotal teachers come into the church and have influence, we will see the time when we will baptize hundreds and thousands, tens of thousands. In your day you will see a million members of the church in the South. There will be Temples Plural in the South States. What a Great call you have to serve with these marvelous people."  (Vaughn J Featherstone, April 30, 1984)

"Please assure President Simpson that the Quote is accurate and was made by me. I still have great faith in the wonderful Christians in the South who will come by great numbers into the kingdom... God Bless you always."(Vaughn J. Featherstone, July 27, 1999)

As Koltn, Brody, Dallin, & Jaymen all say:


♥ THIS.  Do you feel like you are there with him?  I do.


He is BOARDING leaving Detroit and Richmond bound.
(I love that Delta website shows this info)
The "call" was wonderful~.  Two weeks of anticipation and now my heart is at peace.  He purchased a calling card and was able to call home and speak to me, his two sisters, and a nephew and niece.  We were able to speak for about 15-20 minutes.  Then he was able to give his Dad a quick call at work.  He sounds very happy, very spiritual and calm, and very excited to get to Virginia. He is traveling with about 12 other Elders all going to Richmond.  Some of the other Elders were having difficulty using their cards- I hope all of them were able to connect home.  Koltn is warm and he is happy and he is healthy.  What more could a Mom ask? He send his love to everyone and his last words were tell everyone to write!


Hope the bad weather doesn't effect his connection to VA....

Monday, January 10, 2011


Who ever invented paper is BRILLIANT!  
I love it compared to an email.
To see his handwriting and know that he took the time,
was sitting at a desk somewhere with pen and paper is awesome!
[But don't get me wrong.  I love emails too!]
Who ever knew a little piece of paper would hold so much emotion for a mom.  
I think that green, blue and black are my new favorite colors.
♥♥♥I love getting a 4 page in-progress letter.♥♥♥

Koltn is doing great- He is ready to get to Richmond VA.  He says "Things are going a little crazy around here"  He will be leaving the Provo MTC this Wed Jan 12th arriving in Richmond that same evening at 3:58PM.  We hope all good things for Koltn as he begins his Virginia journey.  I know from the love and testimonies shared in his letters, he is ready!
-  Here are some excerpts from his letter.
 "I can't wait to have my eye's opened about how things really are out in the field".  I was thinking the other day that "I, Koltn Rogers, am a missionary, for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I have been called of God to act & speak for the godhead.  I have been given the gifts and keys and I need to do Heavenly Fathers will"  and Yes, Koltn that is awesome and we CAN believe it!  He said he was able to "get info and share a message with 32 people in a space on an hour and LOVED IT!"  THE CHURCH IS TRUE~!

He loved being able to attend a couple of sessions at the Provo Temple.  It had been closed for Christmas but opened on Wed.  "Things were awesome and different and very cool". He said it was covered in snow and "there is ice 1/2 " thick on the SIDEWALKS that never melts. Mom-- 36°  is cold but it isn't close to having a high of 24°. "
[[Now that's cold for an AZ boy!]]
Isn't this a beautiful night pic of the Provo Temple~

He is yearning for his favorite meal...
"what I wouldn't do to have an AZ burro from Fili's right now!"
[[ Note to self.... I wonder if I can get one to him in VA and still have it be fresh? ]] 
Just a thought. 

Everyone is "loving" his ties.... and everyone wants to "trade" with him. 
He thanks his big bro for the advise of taking lots of ties!
Hey, I've heard of a missionary in our area stapling his ties to the wall side by side
--he had enough to go completely around the room. 
He loves us all and misses us and wants EVERYONE TO WRITE!
And last but not least. I would like to thank Sister Gordon,
whoever she is,
for quickly drawing this caricature of Koltn in about 5 minutes.  
I do see his jaw line and his nose.  
He's a handsome guy don't cha think?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LETTER #2- mailed 12/29, arrived 1/4/2011

A few precious excerpts:
Hello Everybody!  I am learning more and more everyday but ready to get to VA! The food is not good... ok but not good. Well, not from what I'm used to Mom! I lost 3 lbs actually.  Our other district just left and we just got a new ones (missionaries) today.  One of the Elders is from MTV! (Mountain View) Dallin King is here and 1 floor below me.  I need more news about the family!  How is everyone? Who or what moved into my room?  Is the lawn getting mowed? Thanks for the packages! I love them ALL!  We hardly even see the outside--the Temple has been closed so we haven't been. We hardly hear any news--Tell me about the outside world.  I can't believe its 2011.  Elder Snow of the 70's challenged us to make some new years resolutions.  Still thinking on those. 
Love to the valley of the sun!

Your Missionary
Elder Rogers
Then he did a pencil rub.....
I wear the suit
the book is blue
I know the church is true!
[I think he wears the BADGE now too!]

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