Monday, January 17, 2011


A confirmation picture of Elder Rogers, 
President and Sister Perry.
he has arrived safely!
(new missionary hair cut and all)
His letter confirms what the other MMoms have been telling me that Pres Perry and Sister Perry are very nice.  In Koltn's words " President and Sis Perry are amazing and so hospitable".  He says, " the temperature is a lot better than in Utah.  I walked outside and didn't even need a suit jacket on."  "The roads here are going to be hard to get used to.  They have weird names and none of them are straight"    He says " I hope everything is going good there cuz it is here! I AM FINALLY HERE!  I don't know much cuz its my first night, in fact I really don't know anything at all, so all the info will come as I get it.  LOVE YOU ALL!  MISS YOU ALL A BUNCH!"
P/S  do you realize I've already been gone for a month! CRAZY"
Really?  Has it been a month?? To him it has gone quickly, 
but to me --back here in AZ -- 
it seems like a year!

 I think Koltn's Pday is now on Mondays- 
but today is MLK Day and all the libraries are closed so no emails. 

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