Monday, January 10, 2011


Who ever invented paper is BRILLIANT!  
I love it compared to an email.
To see his handwriting and know that he took the time,
was sitting at a desk somewhere with pen and paper is awesome!
[But don't get me wrong.  I love emails too!]
Who ever knew a little piece of paper would hold so much emotion for a mom.  
I think that green, blue and black are my new favorite colors.
♥♥♥I love getting a 4 page in-progress letter.♥♥♥

Koltn is doing great- He is ready to get to Richmond VA.  He says "Things are going a little crazy around here"  He will be leaving the Provo MTC this Wed Jan 12th arriving in Richmond that same evening at 3:58PM.  We hope all good things for Koltn as he begins his Virginia journey.  I know from the love and testimonies shared in his letters, he is ready!
-  Here are some excerpts from his letter.
 "I can't wait to have my eye's opened about how things really are out in the field".  I was thinking the other day that "I, Koltn Rogers, am a missionary, for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  I have been called of God to act & speak for the godhead.  I have been given the gifts and keys and I need to do Heavenly Fathers will"  and Yes, Koltn that is awesome and we CAN believe it!  He said he was able to "get info and share a message with 32 people in a space on an hour and LOVED IT!"  THE CHURCH IS TRUE~!

He loved being able to attend a couple of sessions at the Provo Temple.  It had been closed for Christmas but opened on Wed.  "Things were awesome and different and very cool". He said it was covered in snow and "there is ice 1/2 " thick on the SIDEWALKS that never melts. Mom-- 36°  is cold but it isn't close to having a high of 24°. "
[[Now that's cold for an AZ boy!]]
Isn't this a beautiful night pic of the Provo Temple~

He is yearning for his favorite meal...
"what I wouldn't do to have an AZ burro from Fili's right now!"
[[ Note to self.... I wonder if I can get one to him in VA and still have it be fresh? ]] 
Just a thought. 

Everyone is "loving" his ties.... and everyone wants to "trade" with him. 
He thanks his big bro for the advise of taking lots of ties!
Hey, I've heard of a missionary in our area stapling his ties to the wall side by side
--he had enough to go completely around the room. 
He loves us all and misses us and wants EVERYONE TO WRITE!
And last but not least. I would like to thank Sister Gordon,
whoever she is,
for quickly drawing this caricature of Koltn in about 5 minutes.  
I do see his jaw line and his nose.  
He's a handsome guy don't cha think?

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