Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LETTER #2- mailed 12/29, arrived 1/4/2011

A few precious excerpts:
Hello Everybody!  I am learning more and more everyday but ready to get to VA! The food is not good... ok but not good. Well, not from what I'm used to Mom! I lost 3 lbs actually.  Our other district just left and we just got a new ones (missionaries) today.  One of the Elders is from MTV! (Mountain View) Dallin King is here and 1 floor below me.  I need more news about the family!  How is everyone? Who or what moved into my room?  Is the lawn getting mowed? Thanks for the packages! I love them ALL!  We hardly even see the outside--the Temple has been closed so we haven't been. We hardly hear any news--Tell me about the outside world.  I can't believe its 2011.  Elder Snow of the 70's challenged us to make some new years resolutions.  Still thinking on those. 
Love to the valley of the sun!

Your Missionary
Elder Rogers
Then he did a pencil rub.....
I wear the suit
the book is blue
I know the church is true!
[I think he wears the BADGE now too!]


  1. love the rubbing!!!!!! very cool!

  2. Thanks for posting this!!! I love it!!! =]


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