Thursday, December 30, 2010

2nd PDay 12/29/10 MTC

The first email we received from Koltn said the first day at the MTC he was made a District Leader.  What an honor!  He loves being in that position and says that it is helping him to know all the lessons.  He has to answers quite a few questions, some he already knows the answers to others he has to research to find the answer.  He says it is great preparation for the field.  I understand how a DL works out in the field, but not exactly sure how that all works at the MTC.I couldn't find much about being a DL at the MCT but this is what I found on being a DL:
  The zones are divided into districts, each being led by a missionary assigned as a district leader.  A district usually has two to four missionary companionships.  The Zone Leaders and District leader train the missionaries, see after their welfare, conduct interviews, proselyte together, and share successes.

Although the MTC is not all peaches and cream, he loves being a missionary and loves doing what he is doing.- here's a quote from his recent email 
"Things are moving now and i can't wait to get out in the field and really start to do what i need to do"  "We got to hear form Elder Nelson form the quorum of the 12 for Christmas.... 3 times. He gave 2 talks on Saturday and one in priesthood on Sunday! He is the Smartest person in the world! He knows like 4 languages and has read the BOM and the Bible in Greek and Hebrew! Isn't that crazy?"
Ending each email he says: "Keep sending pics at the bottom [of the emails] i love them, and i love letters!"
So that is what I intend to do.  If you'd like to write to him, his address is on the home page.  "Letters  are gold" as per Elder Rogers.

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