Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/12/12 A day that will go down in "infamily" [Koltn's farewell talk.]

Just a lil' cutie Patootie!  My how time flies!  
I remember this precious toe head--It seems like yesterday.
In just 7 days, he will cut the apron strings 
(well, really they are MY apron strings) and embark on a new life.
How I will miss this smile.....
and all the happiness, joking, 
and fun he brings into our home.

but, all for a good cause.  He will be on the Lords Errands.  
Eternal Errands!
...and we are so proud of him and his choice!!
Yesterday was our family Christmas Party.  
Kisha gave him this card and he read it outloud.
Not a dry eye in the house!

We love our missionary!

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