Monday, December 5, 2011

12/6/11 Flashback for this missionary!

 He will have been gone one year.  
Then another 10 days & we get to hear his sweet voice!

Back in the day.... Elder Rogers and his older brother Klete were banner carriers for my dance studio called "STARS".  
Well.... I was having "STARS" flashbacks on Saturday night... Our Ward entered a float in a Christmas parade! Oh man. It was fun we had a Nativity seen on the float and the youth were Angels and Shepherd that walked beside. We handed out Candy Canes with a little church logo and a nativity on it. We walked beside and handed out candy canes too. It was fun. We shared a little pep-talk before we started. We told them about how they represent the church and how their actions can make a big impact. It made me think of the Christmas parade that we did every year. It turned out really good and we are hoping it makes an impact on the area. At least we hope it made people realise that "Mormons" believe in Jesus Christ. That is something we really have a problem with out here. You wouldn't believe the stuff people believe about us. So now we just sit and wait to see if we get any leads from it. Oh and Elder Winward was on TV!

 I hope Everyone is Enjoying the Holiday season. 
Make sure to take a second to take a step back and breath for a min. 
Don't get too caught up in all the mumbo-jumbo. 
Have fun and be a family and remember Christ. 
That is what it is all about!

Well Said Elder Rogers~We and miss you.

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