Monday, May 2, 2011

5/2/11 Keep'n it skraight on the skreets of Mr. Rogers hood!

Hello!  Things are Skraight (no thats not a typo- its the native slang of VA!) out here in Mr. Rogers hood. I'm starting to get a tan. So we don't have any info on the phone call home i asked all the leaders that i could and they all said they would get back to me.... Well non of them did. I will ask today when we play B-Ball and i will let you know somehow.  Nothing new, just your average mundane missionary work--haha j/k!  Just trying my best, to do the best i can. A lot of riding though. From 15 to 20 miles a day! Tell Klete he might have walked a lot but when it comes to riding.... we do plenty!
 I wish you could see the cute little icons he puts in his email.... 
sorry they won't transfer to the blog : (
Speaking of weather.... Wow it has been Bonkers! The storms down here in south are CRAZY!!!!!They have killed a bunch of people from Alabama to Virginia! It didn't hit as bad here but still tore some stuff up. We had to stay inside on Thurs. We Got a call from everyone telling us that we need to stay inside. and the rain was amazing..... I didn't know it could rain that hard! All the bad stuff has passed and from Fri until Today it was amazing outside. No humidity and cool temps. I felt like it was back home for a little.

I want to see Hudson as well. I hope he and his mommy are both doing ok. I can't believe they still remember me! i would have thought they would have forgot by now! Man i thought Klete could keep it together while i was gone. I didn't think i was gunna have to slap him around from across the country! hahah Hope all the Animals are doing good. I sure do miss being out doors! Oh and the Ranch. 

We're going to have to go when i get back.... i guess that's a ways off but still  I hope work is going good for the family.  I hope work is going well for Dad as well.that has been in my prayers.
I hope the missionary news letter goes good. I loved hearing about all the guys. I guess one of my friends is getting married! wow. I feel old!  That's it. I love you all. I am safe and sound. No worries I am a Rogers.... that means i am invincible! (knock knock knock on wood)  But for real, I love you all and cant wait to talk to you. I will make sure i get you the info about the call.
   Keep'n it skraight on the skreets of Mr. Rogers hood!

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