Monday, May 16, 2011


We all know that missionaries are poor!  Well less than poor.... little $$ for anything extra.
But one CERTAIN MISSIONARY used his imagination
and sent his mother a mothers day card to remember forever.
Imagine this:  as that CERTAIN MISSIONARY rode his bicycle around, 
he snapped shots of ONE OF MY FAVORITE THINGS!
Flowers, flowers, and more flowers.
then he bundled them up into an envelope added a caption to one of them.....
I just sat and enjoyed the beauty.  
Such a wonderful thing..... 
This is my favorite. 
♪♫there is ♪♫ beauty♪♫ all around♪♫ (In VA)
Organized a little bit so you can see the "Happy Mothers Day" card!
Thanks Elder Rogers for making my day beautiful!

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