Monday, May 16, 2011


Everyone was here.  Sitting anxiously by the phone waiting for it to ring.
I ran outside to check on the g'kiddo's for a second, and RING RING RING.....
NO ONE ANSWERED! what???? no one answered!!!!!
I frantically ran from the backyard, into the house.... 
(can you picture it? running over toys and people to get to the phone! 
...then softly I began to sniffle and get choked up)  
only to find out... it was a joke played by my oldest son.....
used his cell phone just to see me squirm.
Now I call that cruel and unusual punishment!!!!!

So more waiting....... and then it really RANG and this time I was sitting right beside the phone!
"Hello, this is Elder Rogers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and we would love to talk to you about ......"
Tears flowed...... I was speechless for about 5 seconds.....  
Friends family and loved ones gathered all around the speaker phone....
Just the sound of his voice was enough to make us all a little teary eyed.
Everyone took their turns and chatted for a few minutes.
He is good, he is happy, he is healthy, and he loves his mission.  Lots of this and that.  
Mostly just good to hear his voice (sounding like a missionary) and know he is okay.
45 minutes later.....  time to go.  
He bore his testimony which left us all in tears and a little speechless.  
After a beautiful call, its a little sad to know 
that it will be another 6 mos before we get to hear that sweet voice again.
We miss you Elder Rogers!

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  1. I cried reading this..........December sounds so far away doesn't it?


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