Tuesday, June 28, 2011

BIG NEWS... ABOUT NEWPORT NEWS!!! (Virginia that is)

Well BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!
   Yes i am getting transferred for the first time! I am going to the Newport News 2nd ward. It is north of where i am now I have no clue of the address until Thursday. But that isn't the big news.... The big news is: I am being shot-gunned (that means Neither of us have ever been in the area. so both of the elders left and we are the 2 new ones coming in) But that's not the big news. The big news is: I am going to be a District Leader. I will be over about 10 other missionaries. Klete might be able to tell you more about it. (and the job is even harder because I will also be over a have a huge bunch of sisters[Sisters = Drama, Lots of sisters = AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH hahaha jkjk) But that's not the big news , The big news is: I am Training a new missionary.... That's right this transfer i am moving to a new area, shot-gunned, as a DL, With a Brand new missionary!!!!!!!!! I am excited!!
   The new area will have a car but i will still be on a bike a lot (limited amount of miles allowed) Don't worry to much about a bike i got it under control. An Elder i have grown really close to (Elder Gill) Is going home on Tuesday. He has been the best and is letting me HAVE his bike. I told him I wouldn't take it unless he lets me pay for it, But he wouldn't except. His bike is actually just like my bike. Same model same color and everything.
   Don't know a thing about the Elder i am training (No not even his name) until Pres tells all of the trainers and trainees in a meeting in Richmond
   I am REALLY sad to leave Deep Creek. I have been here so long I am really close to everyone. Esp Elder Tollstrup! (my current companion)
   Well i have to go shop. I have been packing all day today. well except for when i was playing basketball 
Whats a mom to do except feel very excited for her son who is onto another great missionary adventure!
Good Luck Elder Rogers!

Our hearts are with you wherever you go!
God Bless and God Speed!

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