Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Elder Rogers Neighborhood update 2/7/2011.

Welcome 2 new members to the 
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!
They had 2 baptism this past week!
As per Elder Rogers :
Things are good!  The baptisms were on Saturday and they were awesome!   There is this family that is -my mish family! They are awesome and super kind!  The dad is a recent convert and he is fired up about the Gospel!  They have 4 little kids and all of the members of the family are soooo funny.  They feed us a lot and he goes out on splits with us a lot.  
Deep Creek Ward news:
Bishop Utterback is very interesting..... He tells it like it is to everyone.  He doesn't hold back and isn't afraid to offend someone.  He is AWESOME!! He keeps people in line but at the same time everyone LOVES him. 
Companion news:
Oh, Elder Logan says thanks for the mint goodies!  He wanted to know how you knew he liked mint?  That is one more thing we have in common.  Doesn't he know yet that mom's know everything? Especially those who are friends with their companions mom? shhhh : )
The work is progressing out here and I love it!  
The field is white and ready for EVERY MEMBER to harvest.  
Aloha from Virgina 
(must have been ward luau night? ha)

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