Tuesday, February 22, 2011

2/22/2011 Transfers and Danger!

Yep, transfers are this week! 
I'm staying here in Deep Creek but Elder Logan is headed out.  He got called to be a Zone Leader.  I don't know anything about my new companion but I'll be finding out on Thursday.
(I imagine transfers can be a little exciting.  New area? New companion? 
but also a little scary- new area, new companion!)
It was warm last week but it was a fluke! Today the high is back in the 40's and the cold wind is blowing like crazy.  Brrrrr.  I still miss AZ.  Forecast for snow tonight and maybe tomorrow.  I would kill for some light, luke-warm, rain... like back home.  People are getting sick all over the place because it got warm and then cold.
( kinda like what we've experienced in AZ except the high is not in the 40's)
FYI- they closed one of our favorite neighborhoods because it is getting too dangerous!   
(um.... not something I like to hear! this is what I envision.....
Please say a few protection prayers for our missionaries!) 
I can't believe it either.  We had 2 very good investigators who were really progressing in there.  
Now we can't visit them, I hope we haven't lost them.  
(That's gotta be disappointing)
You asked for some good news:  idk, right now we are in a weird stage with the transfers and the baptisms so we are just rebuilding our teaching pools. 
(Not quite sure this is the kind of pool he is referring to-HA!)
But I love tracting and finding new people.
(that's my boy!  always a positive attitude and such a hard worker)
Tell everyone I said hello and that I love them all.  Its good to hear people still remember who I am.
Love you all!  Miss you all,  and remember
GOD is a MORMON!  Trust me... I know!

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