Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Deep Creek Ward!

Just a few of Elder Rogers words from his letter dated 1/28/2011.
"the ward is way into missionary work!  We are one of the only area's with a ward, a lot are only branches.  I wish I could tell you about each person.  I love them all.  The Ward has about 300 including less active.  There is just about 100 active that come each week.  But you have to realize the ward boundaries are 10 miles X 18 miles.  that is a huge area!  Not like in AZ where is it a few blocks.  We have 3 baptisms and my appointment book is booked solid. I love these people mom!  Tracting in the field is my favorite. I actually found my first 2 investigators  going door to door.  I get to share the gospel and I am so excited to share it with people who don't even know about Christ. " My testimony is getting stronger and stronger.  I didn't think it could but it grows every day.  I actually feel the spirit using me for its mouthpiece.  I love how strongly I can feel the spirit.  I know what Lehi meant when he fell into bed because he was overcome with the spirit.  I feel like that everyday and love sharing that feeling with others."  
I want to challenge our family to find a "Rogers Family Scripture"   Everyone start looking. When you find one that fits our family we will adopt it as our own!
Love to Mom, Dad, Kisha, Dan, Lincoln,Owen, Klete, Tatum, Wyatt, Unknown : ), Kelsey Beau, Acey Unknown : ) Grandma Grandpa and everyone else!  Miss all of you and see you in 2!
Elder Rogers   

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