Monday, July 9, 2012


   We have the Transfer board all updated and we made all the calls last night.Glad that that is over and now we just have all the driving and airport visits and driving and training and driving to do and transfers will be over. Well over until we start on the next one.
   This preparation day will be more of a relaxing one. We are going to go out to eat with the Senior missionaries in the office and get some stuff done that we have been falling behind on.
   So i guess i haven't told you yet but my departure date is December 18th. I worry telling you this early because i will be on the calendar and there will be a count down and what not. So i guess I am the 18th Elder Green is the 19th and elder Skinner is the 20th. just do me a favor and not remind me each week. 
  Things are looking good in the area. We finally have some things rolling so we are excited to see it all through now. Hopefully we will have 2 new investigators tonight! 
   Well we had Mr. B come to church this week for all 3 hours. he has never done that before. We are praying. We have a few promising investigators so we are pumped!
   I forgot you and Candice had birthdays so close to each other. Sounds like you had a good time. I bet the Circ-de-solei show was good. We actually got invited to go out with the Perry's to watch Fireworks! It was soooo fun. They didn't even shoot any off in southern VA last year because of all the rain. We had sandwiches on a blanket and watched the show.
   I remember the museum at the DC trip. It was different than the one here. Elder Farr has already been to all the places up here from the beginning of his mission so we haven't gone anywhere else so far. I have some fun things on my list though. I will jump on it as soon as i can.
   I bet it will be a fun trip to the ranch no matter what the temperature is. Last week we hit 104*F 2 times. We broke 3 records. It has been HOT! the humidity was from the 60's-the 80's!!!!! UGGGGGG The poor biking elders are the ones that have it bad. We are lucky driving the truck!
   Tell GrPa he doesn't need to do anything else to his ears! He already has a hard time hearing without putting bugs in there!  Hope he is ok! Tell him i still worry about him even though he said not to.
   We have a bunch more missionaries coming out here form Mesa! We get a few more every transfer. One of the ones coming out is from Klete's Stake He is just down the way from him. His name is Elder Burbank. He comes out in October.
Love Y'all and miss you too!     
P.S.I put my SD card in the mail.... Or so i thought. It was sitting under some papers so i will ship it off in a special envelope. It will be safe. Don't worry.
Be Humble Don't Stumble,
         Elder Rogers

“Cultivate and be where the Spirit of the Lord is. Make sure that includes your own home or apartment, dictating the kind of art, music, and literature you keep there. If you are endowed, go to the temple as often as your circumstances allow. Remember that the temple arms you ‘with [God’s] power, … [puts His] glory … round about [you], and [gives His] angels … charge over [you].’ [D&C 109:22] And when you leave the temple, remember the symbols you take with you, never to be set aside or forgotten.” Jeffrey R. Holland, Ensign, May 2010

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