Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute." ~Josh Billings

I am sorry but this week is going to be short. No time!!!! AHHHHH
    Things are good here. Transfer calls were on Sunday. No changes for me but our zone is getting all jumbled up. We have a bunch of missionaries leaving and a bunch coming in. That means we have a lot of work on our hands on Thursday. Gotta get everyone ready to take the transfer van. And we have to make sure everything is going smoothly.
    We are having a whole 5th Sunday devoted to missionary work next Sunday! Our ward is the best. They try to help us so much. All the talks and lessons are about missionary work and we are teaching the combined lesson for the 3rd hour. I have gained more trust with this ward than anywhere else. I love it here! With all the trust we are really making things start to roll.
    Me and my comp are good. Trying to stay warm. But good none the less............
     I LOVE THE WORK!!!!!
    Thank you everyone for all the e-mails! I am sorry but i got a bunch so by the time i got done reading them and doing all the stuff a ZL had to do I can only send this E-mail to everyone.
     I LOVE  y'all! Glad to hear from you. Keep on keeping on.
    The lesson learned this week was a hard one for me. I have always had some reply to whatever is said to me. But this week i tried something new after i read this quote...
            "Silence is one of the hardest arguments to refute."  
~Josh Billings
    I don't know who the guy is but either way the quote is good. And well i just shut my mouth. Even when i knew i had the right come back.... Ha it really helped. Y'all should give it a shot.

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