Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hello there family!
   How are things back on the west coast??? Things are great here.
   A cold front moved in and i am shivering! Cold and rain the past few days. Cold enough for a coat in the day time. I don't know if i am ready for another winter yet. The leaves are beginning to change a little already! Can you believe it? Brrrrrr  "You don't have to shovel the Sunshine to your door, you don't have to shiver in the cold ya ya ya, dreaming about the day when I can come back to the place, Ar - i - zona how do you do!"
   Well nothing big changes when you become a Zone Leader. You just have to do the same things as a District leader just on a bigger scale. You report numbers, which means the number of new investigators and lessons taught and stuff like that, to the Assistants. I would say the biggest difference is being on the phone ALL the time. It seems like whenever we aren't in a lesson someone is calling! I talk to a lot more elders and sisters and try to resolve questions and conflicts. The biggest part of being a Zone Leader is being an Example. We are looked at by all the elders and sisters. So we have to be on the top of our game and be really obedient and learn compassion as well as show our commitment to the Lord!  We get to talk to Pres and the Assistants a lot more. And we have to give Trainings at Zone Conference and Zone meeting. That just means we lead and give talks and "train" elders and sisters how to be more effective. And we go on a lot of exchanges too( we switch companions with another companionship for 24 hours and try to help them learn and grow.) It is a lot of responsibility but I am excited for it.
   I am getting acquainted with the ward little by little. It is a little harder to balance ZL stuff and missionary work. It takes a lot more planning and you are under the gun every day to get it all done. But it is a BLAST! And my companion's are the best! I am so blessed, I feel the best companion anyone could have -Jesus Christ, Heavenly Father, and the Holy Ghost- everyday stronger and stronger.  I love that feeling!

Love and Miss Y'ALL

Virginia's New Fighting Spider,
Elder Koltn John Rogers

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