Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Excerpts from his email:   
I guess i should at the new news i just received.  
   We have there DVD's that are distributed all around the world to missionaries. It is 2 series Called "The District" it shows how to be a good missionary and the in's and out's of missionary life. They help and go over with all aspects of the work. We have had there for 7 months or so.... Why do i tell you this????...... Well..... because....
    Elder Rogers is going to be traveling up to Richmond on Tues to be interviewed by The Church. Because of the new Program we have started (Family History and Missionary work) I will be Interviewed and filmed so others can learn how to do it. I am going to be an example for others FOREVER! It is making me freak out a little! AHHHHH oh man i hope i do good. Looks like all the Family History stuff you have been telling me about and all of the work I have been doing with it as well is going to pay off. Little did you know Mom that all your hard work wont just be blessing our family but missionary work around the world. Say a prayer that I wont mess up. I sure will be!
    I really appreciate the veterans now that i have been around them. I thought i did before but After Newport News i will always have more respect for them.
Something I read:  
Conquering your fears through action   Life brings with it many doubts and fears. But the unknown and the untried have held more people back than any lack of ability. Most successes are never seen because they're never attempted. The courage to face your fears can build momentum that creates magic. Each time you overcome an obstacle, a fear or a step back, you gain confidence. Every small victory helps you feel more certain of yourself and your direction, pushing you further and faster than you ever thought possible. You can do it! What's holding you back? True, fears are intimidating. So start small. Believe in yourself and take one small swipe at your fear today just to see what happens. In the end, half of the doing is in the deciding. If you stumble, don't be afraid to brush yourself off and jump back in. 

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