Monday, July 11, 2011

Good VS Bad... you decide

Internet a bad thing?  I beg to differ.
I must say how lucky I feel I am to have the internet.  It grants us opportunities to "chat" or maybe even "meet" people we would have never had the opportunity to meet.
I must say a personal thank you to the "G" Family who took our missionary under their wings while he was serving in Chesepeake area.  He mentioned this family many times and I was finally able to put a picture to the faces he talked about.  
Wonderful Wonderful family!  
My heart-filled thanks!
 This is what Sister G messaged me on FB.  
It does a mothers heart good to know her son is loved elsewhere.
The very same day I received another email .....
This time it was from a Sister who LIVES in the area 
our Mish is transferring to.  
What a wonderful surprise it was.
I feel somehow more connected ♥♥
I say....
Thank you internet for granting me the opportunity 
to communicate with those who my son has had contact.
Somehow if makes the distance seem shorter 
and the world a little smaller!

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