Monday, July 11, 2011

7/11/2011 OPEN for BUSINESS!!

So it RAINED on Thursday.... I mean RAINED!!!!! each time a big storm comes in i am amazed about how much water falls. This is the worst one so far. It turned the courtyard into a lake and the roads into rivers!!!
The car (I drive) is a Mazda 3 (girlie car) and I don't like it because you don't get to talk to anyone on the streets.  We just whiz by. So we drive to far areas and bike to everything close by. Yep i am the designated driver. Elder Swanson gets to catch some zzz while i drive around-haha   Elder Swanson is working hard, things can get pretty stressful but it's all good.!!  Yes Elder Price is my Zone Leader. I actually know him pretty well.

The military branch is Awesome. We had 19 solders there! that's the most there has been in 9 months! we are going to TRY to teach 4 of the guys. It is hard because Ft. Eustis is a training base so the soldiers have no time to get together with us. But we are trying none the less. There is a soldier who is a member and a returned missionary who is helping out so much! He really loves God and The Church so he bends over backwards to help us and the Elkins. The Elkins are a great senior missionary couple who is in my district. They are over the military base. By the way they have a blog with some pictures on it. 
It check it out. They are awesome!

OH! There are 4 guys from AZ and 2 from mesa. One of their names is KIRBY (last name) and his mom teach Spanish and is the coach over swimming @ mesa high!! He knowes a lot of the same people as me. He is a few years older but i went on a date with one of his friends! SMALL WORLD!
Yep almost 20 can you believe it. YOU and dad wont have any more teenagers! HAHA
 "Oh remember remember, the church is true, the booketh be blue, and the God of Israel Is a Mor... (oops cant say mormon any more after pres packer's talk)a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!"

PS.......98 degrees with 96% humidity...... ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From the Elkins Blog:
Elder S is our new "greenie", being here about 10 days.  Elder R is the District Leader and they are assigned to our Ft. Eustis group, as well as the Newport News 2nd Ward.  It is frustrating to introduce them to all of the wonderful non-member soldiers who attend and not have the ability to provide teaching opportunities very often because of the soldiers' busy schedules.  This is the building where we hold services on Sunday, and FHE on Tuesdays.  There aren't very many LDS church buildings with a neon "open" sign.

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