Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DQ Delivers!! {{{via an Awesome Newport News Ward member!!}}}

Mendy A. Cooper Tanner July 18 at 2:39pm Report
Hi Bobbi,
Elder Rogers is in our ward Newport New 2nd. Heard he has a b-day on Friday and that you want to do something special for him. Let me know if we can do something for you. Tell us what he likes and maybe will pick him up something. My son Nate is in England on a mission and he will be 20 on Wednesday. So we would be glad to help.
Elder Rogers and his companion ate dinner at our house last night. We feed them homemade enchiladas. For dessert we made orange flan. We had never mad it before and wanted to try it.

Mendy Tanner
Bobbi Twining Rogers July 18 at 3:45pm
Mendy- (cute name!) OH MY HEAVENS!!! So wonderful to get your message. Yes Koltn's BDay is on Friday. I was feeling a little sad for him being in a new area with a new companion for his BDay, so you have really made my day!!! It is very nice to know someone who is willing to put their arms around our missionary! We have been doing the 12 days of "Birthday" and just found out today that we had his address a little messed up and he has only gotten 3 of the 10 packages we sent..... They weren't anything big just a little something to let him know we were thinking about him. Thankfully, we got his correct address this am. and I will be mailing his big present tomorrow.

It is so nice of you to offer to do something for him. I was wondering about getting him some cupcakes/or maybe even an ice cream cake delivered to him. Maybe you can tell me where I could place an order. A Local bakery or ice cream shop? Maybe I could even have it delivered to you to deliver to him so it doesn't melt in the weather?

... and Oh my heavenly stars again! Your son is in England? I am sure that Koltn has told you I was born in England and travel back whenever I can. I am planning another trip in Sept. Where is your son? We are traveling all over England up through Scotland and over to Dublin. I am sure we could make it a point to catch up with him. : )

Sounds like you fixed a wonderful meal for the Mish's. Koltn's favorite food is Mexican. His loves homemade taco and enchiladas so I am sure he appreciated every bite!

my email address is would love to keep in touch. Let me know if you have any cupcake/ice cream cake ideas!

Thanks so much
and give our Mish a big hug (or handshake) from his family back home.
We sure do miss that guy!

Mendy A. Cooper Tanner July 19 at 4:43pm Report
sorry I don't know what happened. We have 2 places close to our home Baskin Robins             757-874-7731       or Dairy Queen            757-887-8102      . You could order your cake and put it in my name and we'll make sure he gets it.
Mendy A. Cooper Tanner July 19 at 4:47pm Report
just email me and I'll pick it up.
Bobbi Twining Rogers July 20 at 1:38pm
Mendy- thank you so much! I ordered from Dairy Queen            757-887-8102      . The managers name is Rashmika. I paid in full $28.98 so no money is due. The approval code for the order is 023316. Rashmika said you can pick up the cake any time after 12 noon on Friday. Hope that all works out for you!! I appreciate it so much! I am sure Koltn will be surpised. I did get his big package off on Monday and it is supposed to be delivered on Thurs. thanks again! By the way, my home phone number is xx and cell is xx in case of any issues. You are the Best!!
Bobbi Twining Rogers July 20 at 1:40pm
by the way, the order is under Mendy Tanner..... she said she will ask you to sign the charge slip verifying the order was picked up.

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