Sunday, March 25, 2012


He look healthy and happy so all is well : )
 Just a small indication of what "transfers" involves. 
Looks like quite an ordeal!
(this is only a portion of the suitcases!)
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 14:53:36 -0500
   Well, i am busy. ha! This week is transfers so there is a lot that goes into everything.Transfer week is one of the most demanding weeks for an assistants. We have looked over and prayed about each missionary and what needs to happen for each of them. It is super draining. We did that for 8 hours spread over a few days.(2,2,2,2) There is so much to everything. I had no clue how much really goes on inside a mission. We made the calls to tell everyone where they are going last night. We didn't finish until 12 in the morning.... Then up early this morning. Ha. The 2 assistants, Elder cook, the one stepping down, and elder Wheelock, my comp., told me that it is kinda a learn as you go thing.
   I kinda like to think of it as riding a bull.... You see all these awesome bull riders and you hope to be like them one day. Then the announcer tells you it is your turn to ride. Naturally when you know your turn to ride is up you get pretty nervous. Then you get on the bull while it is still in the shoot. You are glad to have a few people around you before you give the nod and the gate opens. They give you a last few pointers. And then.... you give the nod... when the gate flies open you have 2 choices. one you give up and fall off or 2 you grit your teeth and hold on for dear life!!! Ha I am holding on and it is a blast nonetheless.
   On top of everything else we have our own proselyting area. So it is a real hand full to manage it all.
    Everything is good though. I am super happy. And lets face it you know i love a challenge! I am working harder and praying more fervently then ever before. MY testimony gets stronger ever day. It is funny how temptations change as you change. I realized i work for heavenly Father 16 hours a day But Satan work 25 out of 24 hours. I am so glad to be out here. I have a ton to do today so it is going to be short and sweet.
Send all mail to the mission office:
Elder Rogers
9337 Midlothian Tnpk. Ste. 1-B
Richmond, VA 23235
 Got the card. Thanks!  Glad to here Lehi days went good. Sad to hear about GrPa.  Hope everyone else is well  Love Y'all   and miss y'all too
Be Humble Don't Stumble,
         Elder Rogers

 This is ONE of the many pictures of trucks loaded with bikes!
 Ah.... Friends for life!  
Parting is such sweet sorrow but also a NEW BEGINNING!
 ♪♫Sisters,♪♫ sisters, ♪♫there were never such devoted sisters!
 OH GOODNESS!  Its another Elder Rogers sighting!  
 Pres. Perry and Missionaries

 One of the several trailers filled to the brim- 
and this happens every 6 weeks!!!

 We're late we're late for a very important date!! 
No time to say hello goodbye we're late we're late we're late
Don't those USPS boxes look familiar!
That flat rate box has been wonderful for this mish's mom!

      WAIT I think we can fit ONE more on yes??
well.......maybe just ONE more.....

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