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02/27/2012 EXTRA EXTRA read all about it.....

Extra Extra Hot off the AP.....
AP= Associated Press
AP= Advanced Placement
AP= Audio Precision
but the best AP is 

Yes, Elder Rogers is being transferred.  His new area is across the street from the Mission Home. And why you ask????? because he was called to be the new AP.  That's Assistant to the President.  The Mission President.  Here's how it all happened.
Greetings from Chesapeake!...........(But Not For Long)
     Well transfer calls aren't until this upcoming Sunday the 4th. The actual transfers from area to area don't happen until Thurs the 8th. So i have a week and a half until i might get moved... Or so i thought!
       So we are sitting down on Friday at the table for lunch. We had made some calls to the zone members so the phone was in the middle of the table. Well the phone rang all of a sudden so i looked at it. It said President Perry so we answered it and put it on speaker phone like always. (So both of us would be able to hear.) President said Hello and asked if we were on speaker. We told him that we were. Then he asked if we could take it off and if he could talk to me....... So in my brain i am freaking out. In a blink of an eye I thought over everything that had happened recently, hoping i didn't do anything wrong...... Then President said, "Elder Rogers how are things in Chesapeake?" I said things are good and said we were pressing forward. Then President said "Elder Rogers I have prayed over it and I would like to call you to be my new assistant. Would you?" I was flabbergasted!!!! The word yes came out of my mouth and i said i would be honored. Then he started to say something else but i didn't hear it because the reality of what was happening finally sunk in! HA
       Then he told me i had to be ready to go on Monday night. So the rest of today i am going to be packing and getting ready to go. I am going up early so i can help with transfers.
       We got Elder Dransfield all squared away and set him up with missionaries to be with so he isn't alone. He will be going on exchanges for a week and a half. HA its crazy.
       I am sooooooo nervous. There is so much i have to do now. And truthfully i only know about some of the things i am going to have to do. My Companion will be Elder Wheelock. He has been an assistant for 5 or so months so he knows what he is doing.
      I don't know my new address but if you send stuff to the mission office i can get it because i live right across the street. I will give you an update on the address next week.
      I am not going to lie. I am really sad to leave Great Bridge. I have been here a long time and i really love the ward. Plus I wasn't aloud to tell any of them i was leaving until Sunday. (He didn't want all the missionaries to know until he got a chance to get things all in order.) 
      On a side note, I started my mission with Elder Logan. Now i get to put him on the plane to sent him home. That is sooooooo cool. haha i am stoked to be able to see him off.
    Any who. I am going crazy right now. I am not sure about a whole lot of things. All i know is that "The Lord Qualifies Who The Lord Calls" that is the only thing that is keeping my from going completely Bonkers!
Then he ended his email with this.......

God is our Father In Heaven.
   Jesus Christ is the savior of the world.
   The Priesthood was Restored through Joseph Smith 
and we have it today.
   Because of that Thomas S. Monson is a Prophet of God.
   The Book Of Mormon is the 
Word of God along with the Bible.
   And I know all that to be true!

   Love y'all and miss you too.

Be Humble Don't Stumble,
         Elder Rogers

Congrats to Elder Rogers, his family is not surprised!! His older brother just beams from ear to ear, his sisters just get teary eyed, and grandparents don't stop bragging, and his parents are very proud.  
We are very thankful for him and his diligent service to our Heavenly Father.  Life will surely be busy for him now.  We can't wait to hear some of the wonderful stories!

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  1. what a wonderful opportunity for elder rogers.
    drew says it's hard work, but such a blessing to work so closely with the mission president.
    {mother's intuition told me it was going to happen for drew before he ever wrote to us about it.}


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