Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3/28/2011 "Chesapeake March Madness"

While we enjoy the AZ cool nights in the 59°'s and the days in the 80°'s, 
our favorite missionary is enjoying rain, snow, cold, cloudy 36° degrees days
as he said:  
"Chesapeake March Madness".....what is this strange pneumonon?
I didn't have a zone conference-- last week i went to a zone P-Day. Totally different. the zone just got together and had a B-Ball tournament. The "Chesapeake March Madness" as it were. Any who... we just had a big p-day and a bunch of Elders came.
Leadership training.... (for a greenie?--are they prepping him for something??)
This Last Week i did go to a Leadership Training Meeting. I went up to Richmond for 5 days! I was learning and taking notes from morning until 5:30 at night..... It was Rough. I felt super out of place at the beginning because everyone else was a District or Zone leader.... It was awesome though. I learned so much that my head is still aching. Pres. Perry and the Assistants gave "trainings" to us about different topics. I cant believe how much He knows about the gospel. (P.S. i wasn't done at 5:30 when we were done there we went out tracting in the local areas..... Ya I was TIRED. The area we were tracting in has the most hills. My legs about gave out each night i was done. But it was good) By the way, things are backwards out here. The days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days. I don't know but i guess this is how time passes on a mission. It gets me all confused on the date all the time.
Then theres a little mention of just about lots of peeps, and a missionary thank you.....
Yes I know who Sis Meyer  is.(not spelled right) she was a teacher at Franklin when i went to elementary school. She had sent me 2 letters so i made sure to thanked her. She is so kind! No letter from Grandma or Grandpa..... Tell them both i love and miss them  and they are in my prayers. I still haven't received an update on the whole G'Pa hospital thing. Was he ok this time or what? So Hudson is the new one... He is a cutie! Tell Them to show him pictures of me so i wont be a stranger when i get back. Thanks for the package! Everyone loved the ties and we loved the goodies! And The conference cd's were awesome.
Requests??.... i have none, well maybe Lots of love -- i don't know if you guys can do that it is a pretty tall order. I am just doing so doing good I don't need much, but if anything comes up i'll let you know. 
Love you all and hope your doing good. 
Signing off from good ol' Deep Creek 

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