Monday, March 28, 2011

3/13/2011 Three Month Mark--really?

What seems like a short time to Koltn seems like an very long time for us back here in AZ!
I can't believe it time has flown. ya i remember Klete leaving on St. Patty's day. That's actually the first thing i thought of when i realized it was coming up.  Can you believe i will have been gone for 3 months on the 15'th! Wow time is going fast!
   Man i would give anything to have a dry 80 or 90 degree day! If there is one thing i have learned out here it is that i know where i want to live when i get older. Not out here..... Super cold and humid in the winter then Super hot and humid in the summer. Oh then it rains out of no where then the wind blows like crazy! I would love some good old dry heat!

And unlike the rest of the world!!! AZ doesn't feel it necessary to change time zones to Daylight savings.... but in Chesapeake here's what its :
It was weird doing the whole time change too. I was soooooo tired on Sunday But we got to here form Elder Jensen from the 70. His talk was Really awesome. I finally got use to how the day was getting and now when i wake up it is dark out (it was light out at 630 before).
and the work progresses slowly!  
We have taught lessons to a bunch of less actives and a few investigators. That's whats going on. Nothing new is going on just casing our tails trying to find people. thats why there are no updates. Because there isn't anything new. Me and Elder Buse are good for the most part nothing big we get along just fine. We eat well people feed us a few times a week so it is nice.
The needs of a missionary are few... but important!  
 If you send music try and get the "Single's Ward" and "The RM" sountracts. If you cant i don't really need anything.    The clothes are fine nothing sense that rip the first day out here.

In Elder Rogers Neighborhood, things are a little comical too!  
PS There was a sign outside of a baptist Church that said " WALMART ISN'T THE ONLY PLACE THAT SAVES!" Me and Elder Beus Couldn't stop laughing. It was awesome! There is a different church on every corner out here, and i mean every corner!
PSS The people talk so weird out here. They have a southern Ebonics that is soooo funny sometimes. EX. anything that is said with a st like straight or strawberry or street. they use a "k" instead like, "I went sKraight up the sKreet and  disKributed some sKrawberries!" It is soooo funny

I love you all And can't believe how big the kids are getting! They are all HUGE!!!!
Anyways i love yall and and miss you a ton! See you later.

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