Monday, August 27, 2012


  Not much happened -well in missionary proselyting- but we did a bunch of administering. The good times comes as we minister not administer. But when you are serving God there isn't any "Bad  Weeks" All in all we worked hard and we are trying and doing and dying!
   Preparation day was fun. We had a Tri-Zone sports day at a local park. We played ultimate Frisbee and tossed the football around. It felt good to jump and catch.... I got sunburned on my face and neck.   Ouch good thing ore ward mission leader had some aloe vera. Just trying not to move my neck too much on my collar. It was HOT. All of us where burning up from the heat and soaked from sweat from the humidity.
   Glad the b-day was fun. I bet it was good to get all the family together. Hope i will get to see everyone when i get home and they aren't all tired of being around each other.
   Ya ya Klete and Dad better keep practicing on their shooting. I don't want them to be rusty when i get home. I have been practicing shooting by the spirit. They better watch out i here that is the best way to shoot.
    I never want to move furniture or talk on the phone after my mission. I have done more than enough of my share while i have been out here. I left my phone at home the other day and when i got back to it (3hours and 30 min. later) i had 16 missed alerts!!!! AHHHHHHHH I feel like we could start "The Mormon Missionary Moving Men" (The MMMM). But in the long run missionaries are transient so we will forever be opening and closing apartments and moving furniture.
Well love y'all and miss you. Still working on sending all the thank you letters.
Thanks for the address.
Be Humble Don't Stumble,
         Elder Rogers

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