Monday, June 18, 2012


Date: Mon, 18 Jun 2012
 Well Life is good here in VA land
    We had a packed week! This week we went on a "Logistical Mission" around the Mission. We had a bunch of missionaries that need beds and frames and desks and Vacuums and what not. We also got a shipment of phones from Salt Lake we had to update around the mission. So with all of the stuff we loaded up the truck and trailer and jumped in (with Elder Medsker, the Office Manager) and took off. We went from Richmond up to Staunton on Thursday. We had stops all along the way. We got up there and turned around and started back making stops all along the way. We got back to Richmond on Thursday night at 7:30PM With just enough time to get to our appointment at 8PM. Then we took off on Friday for our 2 day trip down south. We started in Richmond and headed down to Smithfield. It took ALL day to unload and upgrade. We finally pulled up to the missionary apartment late and beat The trailer got more and more empty the farther we went. We slept there and got up early the next morning to start out on our 2nd half of the 2 day trip. We went to Chesapeake and dropped off some more stuff. Then we Stopped and Great Bridge for a BAPTISM! One of the people i taught there decided to finally get baptized so we went to that and continued on our way. We shot back up the 64 toward VA Beach and then Newport News and finally arrived back in Richmond around 8....  Three days of lifting driving. Glad to have been able to help some missionaries get what they need and even more glad to be back and working in the area. 
   The second day i got ONE arm sunburned because i had it resting on the window while i was driving. So i had to make sure to even it out the third day. FYI, I drive way more often and way further distances here than i ever did back home!
    Another big task checked off the list and now we have a little more time to get the real work done.... Well.... until we get some other assignments we need to accomplish. I Made a big "To Do" Binder so i can keep everything strait.
    Things are good in Clover Hill as well. I didn't mention that 2 weeks ago the Washington DC Temple 1st Councilor and his wife came and spoke in our sacrament meeting. It was way good!
    I hope all the dads in the family had a good Fathers day. Too Bad my Dad is way cooler than all the other ones! HA!
    Well love y'all and miss you too.
 Be Humble Don't Stumble,
         Elder Rogers 
Just in case you were wondering how 
that trip proceeded here are the maps.
Richmond north to Staunton (and back)
Richmond south to Smithfield
Smithfield to Chesapeake to Great Bridge
Great Bridge to Newport News
Newport News back home to Richmond
WHEW!!!!!  You need a nap along with me too?
At least he didn't have to ride a bike!

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